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The Gainsville show was awesome. Maxwell Edison was amazing, and anyone who went out to The Working Title show afterwards was assured to have a great night. Thanks to everyone who came out, and I was shocked to see all of the Jacksonville people who came. Thanks again everyone.

Guys great show last night. Thanks to everyone that came out to the Rock to Vote show. The bands were great, and it was fun to play with friends. Thanks again to everyone, and please keep coming out to support us and tell others.

Bands/Albums of the Week:

1. Copeland/Beneath the Medicine Tree

2. Coutning Crows/Flims about Ghosts

3.Aireline: Ocean Songs from the Year of the Horse



October Shows


October 9th

We are opening for The Party People (featuring members of Denison Marrs and ex Starflyer 59), Chris Staples, and Bernard. The show is at Murray Hill, it starts at 8pm and it's .

October 23rd

Christian Surfers premiere of "Noah's Ark". It's a surf documentary of Noah Snyder's career and faith. Time TBA. FREE SURF BOARDS to be raffled off.